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Customer Testimonials for Click It Auto & RV Wandermere

Corazon - Spokane Used Cars & RV's via Facebook

Had a very nice experience with them while helping my brother Neptale buy a pick-up. The sales representatives Dave and Romero were awesome! They were very warm people who were very knowledgeable about the cars they were selling. We got excellent help from Jason, the manager and had so much fun signing papers with Nick. Main thing is my brother got a great deal on the truck he chose. The car lot is huge and they just have so many cars and RV's to select from. I will give them a FIVE and encourage people to check them out before going anywhere. I say the deal was a win-win situation!!

Jerry Clark - Spokane Used Cars & RV's via Google+

Easy to deal with. They listened to our concerns and allowed us all the time we needed. They were very personable. We would buy another vehicle from them.

Stephi Laudenbach - Spokane Used Cars & RV's via Google+

"Nathan did everything in his power to bring us the deal we needed; that meant shuffling cars around from lot to lot, but he was happy to do that, and had the assistance of Owner, Randy, to assure we were satisfied with the deal. If you want real help and the results you are looking for, definitely stop at Clickit!"

Kylee Englehart - Spokane Used Cars & RV's via Facebook

"BEST customer service around. They always know the right style and price I love. If your looking for a car truck or rv go check out this lot! Best deal in town on trade ins."

Caleb Altmeyer - Spokane Used Cars & RV's via Facebook

"Best lot in the city, the service is amazing."

Angela Snead - Spokane Used Cars & RV's via Facebook

All I can say is "Awesome!" We had a very pleasant experience and a surprised family in the end.